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Hi, just a quick question for all you audio pros in here:

I just got this from a friend for around $295 :

HBX12SQB http://www.millionbuy.com/hbx12sqb.html

Volfenhag ZX-4712 (2 of these)

Kenwood KAC-929 http://www.millionbuy.com/kenkac929.html

All of this will be run with a Pioneer DEH-P2500 HU

I'm just wondering what all of this means, like the kenwood amp says:
Two-channel power amplifiers such as the 150 watt x 2 channel KAC-929 2-Channel Power Amplifier are hard to beat.The bridged rating of this amp is 460 watts and the maximum output rating is 1000 watts. Included Features are tri-mode operation, a variable low-pass crossover, selectable bass boost, a dynamic expander, and 2-ohm stability. Also included are speaker level inputs, speaker relay protection circuitry, and a Quiet Turn-On circuit.
Does that mean the subs will only run at 150 W each? And what happens when you "bridge"? If the subs are both 500 W rms each does that mean I need a 500 W amp or a 1000 W? Oh, and what do different ohms do?

Sorry, I'm really new to all of this, any help is appreciated! (these will probably be installed professionally since I dont want to screw anything up)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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