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Analog to Digital Cluster Conversion

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I have a 1990 3.1L Z24 which came stock with analog cluster with a speedometer cable. I just bought a digital cluster which came out of a 88 2.8L Z24. I need help on what to do to convert my anolog to the digital. Would I have to get a vehicle speed sensor and if so which way would i run it? I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get on this project. Thanks ~Stephanie
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it's not that simple of a procedure. you would need a new vehicle speed sensor and the wiring harnesses/connectors for a digital dash for sure (i.e. finding a junkyard car with a digital dash and using that wiring). you'll probably need some kind of detailed wiring schematics to figure out what wire connects where, and although i doubt it, i wouldn't really be surprised if the digital gauges use a different computer than analog.

i've heard of a very limited number of people not having trouble with the digital gauges. on the one i had, my tach was off by about 1000 rpm and the gauges didn't work at all when my parking lights were on.

i wouldn't think it'd be worth the hassle, but if you do decide to do it i can probably help you out more.
Hey Chris i got a question... Was the Digital cluster you had problems with in your 89' Z24? Now i know that the Digital clusters in 87 Z's and under had problems But im pretty sure that in the last two years of the cluster (88-89) most of them were fixed. And man i hope the comp. doesnt have to be swapped. but im sure just a VSS and wire swappin might do it.
i thought all you had to change was the sesors i.e oil temp so on on the swap i have a 88 with digital and it works great look at registry except for my tach looks cool at night
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