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And yet another accident..(long)

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Well this is number 3 in just over a year now, but this being the one that did the least damage. I was coming out of the school parking lot and i park at the end of a cove which is shaped in a U. Me parking at the top of the U and to the far left. Well I desided to park in backwards today after I had my car in auto class( not to mention the immature kids in the class messing with everything on my car leading into a fight :guns: , trying to protect the Z :evil: ). I come out of school and i get in and then i start to pull out. I have the right away going strait and there is another row after i come out of my spot and the kid doesnt stop and hits me. Right where the back bumper starts on my passenger side. It needs a paint job and i need to get a new rim now that it was scratched so bad :x . Sorry this is so long i just need to vent really really bad. The worst day of this year!
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Ouch :x ! Will you be getting any money from the person who crashed into you?
Man that blows. You better be getting some money from the bastard that did that.
damn man, looking at your registry picture thats a sweet ass car, i hope you get some money out of that fuck.
whats with all the accidents lately? this is the third topic ive read today
Well unfortenaly i will not be getting any money from the kid that hit me :evil: . Reasoning being i would have to make a claim on my insurence and i cant do that cuz i have already 6 insurence points from 2 other car accidents and i got kicked off my other insurence cuz there was 9 points 4 from me and 5 from my dad. So i will have to pay for the paint job. And the rim really isnt as bad as i thought it was. But now after the paint job im ganna be saving money to get the driverside painted and then im getting lowering springs. And thanks gjlannin for the comment :D
man that sux,i scraped my 98 Z24 because of an old woman that jammed the breaks in front of me and i had a fender bender last April because of a guy that dint like me and threw a brick true my window so i rammed him but all the damage it had was the bumper,its a little out of place on the driver side,anyways good luck with fixing it :D
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