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* Note: Picture showed here is not the acutal engine, just for illustration purposes only. I do not have any pictures of the engine available

this was at the bottom of the listing :-?

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prophecy127 said:
Yeah something is weird about that...
lol something? i can point out a few....

The car had a lot of damage, so my guess is that this engine runs
ok first , how the fuck does that reasoning work?

I was going to install this in my Fiero
I had planned on putting the engine into a Cavalier Z24
he's not even sure wtf he was gonna put it in?

I did manually "turn the engine over" and it turns smoothly and appears to have good compression
ummm..... im not a mechanic but how does an engine "appear" to have good compression? isnt that one of those things it either does or it doesnt?

Everything should be as described by the previous owner since I have done nothing to the engine
sounds to me like he got fucked by the previouse owner and now hes gonna use the previouse owners word to fuck someone else so that he can sleep at night

thats just my take on that but :roll: im not a mechanic nor have i seen the engine so if you want it good luck.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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