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A few things I want to do to my car in the next couple weeks:

Mesh Inserts (heh... might look funny on a 'bird, but mesh isn't too expensive if i don't like it)
Shave badges and add either "Superman" or Transformers "Autobot" decals instead (yay!)
Pick up coloured lugs or paint some of my own
TB heater override (got all my parts ready to go for this one)
TB cleaning (ugh... looks like a messy job)
Custom Intake (my parts should be coming in next week)

I think that's it. I'm gonna be pretty busy getting all ready for college, so chances are that a lot of that won't get done quite yet. Oh well, there's always next summer.

King "Didn't Even Ask A Question In This Post" 93bird

...knew I forgot something. I also wanna clear out my bumper lights and put in some blue bulbs or another colour, and I want to paint up my tails to look like moon's tinted ones but with white paint.

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