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antifreeze question...

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hey guys last night around 2am i took my car for a spin around the block, and about half way through said "SPIN" i started to smell antifreeze, then BANG low coolant light came on... then all the sudden steam from under the hood... so needless to say i took it home poped the hood and there's steam coming from what looks like right under or somewhere under the air intake.... and coolant is leaking onto a hot part of the engine i beleive, anyone have a similar problem or have ANY guesses at where its leaking??? if so that would be GREAT! thanks...
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Could be the throttlebody heater hoses. Get rid of em and do the throttlebody heater bypass in the how to! Its leaking on the exhaust manifold.
yeah thats what i thought too when i saw the steam coming off of it... so u think the heater bypass will cure the problem? and is there ANY drawbacks to doing the bypass, i heard harder starts in the winter or something....
I havent heard of any draw backs to doing it but I just did it this summer. My heater hoses were in really bad shape anyways when I did it. I havnet had any problems and we have had some cold days already. Its really easy to do. What part of PA are ya from ?
Indiana, PA about 5 mins from IUP... you?
Hazleton , PA - 45 minutes from Stroudsburg
well man i went out and fixed that tonight, and sure enough right there were the 2 tubes go into the throttle body, BOTH of them had a whole in the back where i couldnt see it, a little bigger than a pin head.... so im gonna get that GM tube on monday to do the bypass! thanks...
No problem. Just let me know what your mechanic friend says about that swap we were talking about! :p
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