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Any suggestions for an Z24

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Here's the deal. Instead of buying a $7000-$8000 car I chose to buy a $2000 car and spend several grand buying preformance parts and customizing the look.

I'm going for a more powerful and stylish look. It's my first car so I'm new to all this(rebuilding and replacing parts I mean)

I'm currently doing a tremendous amount of reading and researching.

Does anyone have any good ideas how I can improve this car. Like I said I'm new and any suggestions are welcome

It's a 1989 Z24, 2.8L, black exterior, grey interior, no body damage, but really needs a paint job..Some numpty(the previous owner) painted it with spray can. What a wanker, fortunately I got $900 knock off.

LMK what you think..
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welcome to the site . Youll like it here !
There are many things you can do to your car to mod it. There are some of the less costly options in the How To Section and in the links section there are other sites that have parts for cavaliers. Good luck and have fun modding.
well as cool as the z24 is i think if your gonna sink 9000 into a car get something newer and more RELIABLE any way you cut it you 89 is 14 years old. Shit's gonna break. So pick yourself up something newer maybe a 3rd gen or somethinglike that. Maybe a gand-prix GTP 40 hp.
there are many options

David Parise
i would just like to correct my previous post the gtp has 240 hp not 40?? duh!
welcome to the site. youll find a crap load of info on this site. just keep reading and posting and you'll learn a lot. if your in the market for some parts just check out the links section of the site. that will get you started. Good luck ;)
thanks for the info.

I know that I can buy a very nice 3rd gen for $9000, but the thing is I want this car. I've always wanted to have an 89 and do it up, now I can.

I read the rest of the site and I think that I have more than enough info to make this car mine
Hey Trevor. It nice to see another person from Alberta on here! I like the 2nd gen's better too. I personally would sink about $500 into the engine to make sure that it is reliable. It you maintain the engine properly the car will be reliable.

Some easy and fairly cheap mods:
Underdrive Pulleys
Performance Chip
Turbocharger j/k :wink:

Get you paint done too. :D
Drop a new 3400 in and twin turbocharge it. Add a catback to make it sound good and your set! 8)
Drop a v-8 in it and put that fx kit on it :love:

first you need to buy altezzas and banners :wink:

lol j/k, you will LOVE this site! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
yeah that was my plan too... but with a 90... i nkow way more about cars now cause of the forum... thanks everybody...
but like now... some how i want a meaner, bolder looking car... i wanna paint it flat dark grey (almost black) and then lower the GFX so its realy boxed up... bring the exaust on each side in FRONT of the rear tire tru the sideskirts... with a white cave and bones on the hood.. and take some injectors and put them in the exasut so it stipts flames out of the exasut... thats what i realy wanna do... and since im REALY! good with electronics...make my own dash... with all electronic stuff...
if you absolutly want to buy the 89 i wuld suggest you bring it to a mechanic that u trust and have him go over the car completely and either you get him to change everythng or you do it yourself. I f you have that much money to put into a car that old i suggest that a good part of it goes into making it run great and be reliable, before you dump money into making it go faster. This might not make sence to some of you but i think it's the only way to go

Who said than a 3rd gen is more reliable? The 95-96' Z24 are the most unreliable GM i never seen(most than a fiero lol) !!! (I talk about the famous 2.3 QUAD4). Also, almost of them are already rusted...more than mine :eek: . And i'm sorry but i don't think 3rd generation are more reliable than a 1992-1990 or 1988. OK they are newer, less rust, but it brokes often too...that's what i see with 3 Z24 (1996-1998 and a 2000) and 2 sunfire GTX/GT ( 97 and 2001). But welcome to trevor! This site is a realy good ressource to a lot of tips/problems/or just discuss about J-bodies ! :) But one suggestion, you better have to like mecanic with a 89...if you want to jack a car, repair and repair, you will love your cavalier :p
i put a cat back exshust on my car it hlped the proformance and the sound. it also incressed my fuel ecnomy some as well. welcome ot the site, and you will find lots to do.
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