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Anybody else do an ecotec oil change?

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I just did mine this morning. All I can say is that is a wierd oil filter setup! Also, the engine takes as much (or maybe a little more) oil as my old 2.8!
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Yeah, the ecotec takes its fair share of oil. :wink:
ive done one and i dont recall seeing anythign weird..what are you talking about?
The oil filter is a cartrage type. You have to unscrew a plastic cap close to the top of the engine, and remove the filter cartrage attached to the cap. The filter is not an enclosed unit like on the average vehicle. Maybe it's not that uncommon but it's the first like this type that I have seen. The downside is that the filter is like $12!
yup, it's a cartridge type filter, right next to the intake, it's pretty sweet though, no mess at all like my 3.1 filter...

Yeah the ecotec holds over 5 quarts of oil. :)
ahh like the saturns...
Yep, did an '03 Sunfire Coupe a couple weeks back at work... It makes use of a canister filter, right now you can only get them from GM directly (no aftermarket companies have released them, AFIAK)

It's a bit weird, but a fairly clean way to change your filter -- as long as you can get the cap off okay.... Dealerships have a habit of overtightening everything.
Fram makes oil filters for the eco. That's what I bought the other day. In order to take the filter cap off easily you need a 1 1/4" shallow socket and a 6" (aprox) extension.
Well, at work we stock FRAM filters, but don't yet have the '03 Filter books.... Do you recall what the filter number is for the FRAM?
You can buy the filters at any auto parts here in the U.S. I've know autozone, pep boys, and advanced auto has them cause I've bought them from there. Like around $7..... :-?
well at least they got a easy way to change the filter now :D
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