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Anybody Wanna Trade?!

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Hey guys I have a '88 Auto Z24 Cavvy that I'm look to trade for a 5-Speed Z24 in the same shape. I just spent $450 getting a tune-up and having a bunch of stuff replaced so it runs damn good. Has a APC muffler with a 4 1/2" tip. Body isnt in such good shape a little rust but not a whole lot. Interior needs some work. It's blue with silver ground effects. Has a bad case of wheel hop when you pin it off the line but is fine unless you do that!! Lookin for a 5-Speed Z in the same shape around Indiana. I don't wanna go far but I really really want a 5-speed! Also if you're selling the parts so I can swap a 5-speed into my Z let me know how much you want and I'll buy it off ya! Thanx guyz!
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Anybody?!?! :lol: :pimp: :D
Nah... I really want a 5-speed Z!! I thought that at least one of you guys would be willing to trade.... :lol: You sure you don't want a auto Z man.... I see that your's is a 5-speed!! :wink:
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