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Anyone else Have Front end Problems with there Z24

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So i know a couple guys in my town that have had the same problem as me, It looks like im goin to have to replace the CV joint and the Rack&Pinion (excuse spelling if wrong). This is really annoying cause on my old vehicle (87 GMC S-15) i just replaced the whole front end and it cost me $800, and i dont really want to do this again, anyone else done this before???
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i replaced the rack and pinion on my 1989 z, drove it for 6 months and then the fuel pump went, it sat in my yard for a year and then went to the junkyard. not fun. the rack is right at the back of the motor so labour is dear... 2 hrs plus $175 for the rack, canadian
90-93 cavaliers are known for bad rack and pinions
Yeah I have the same freaking problem !!!1 My rack and pinnion is getting ready to go!!!! :evil: :evil: :guns: :guns: :guns: I have to see how much this shit is gonna cost to get it fixed. Damn racks!!!!!! :guns: :guns:

^^^^^^^ Actually my brother , markeemsz !!
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