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anyone racing in 2017? now with a time

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Who's hitting the track these days?
Post up some times I'd like to know who's doing what out there

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Hoping to get some road racing in this year.
I'm finally getting a chance to get used to the car after a decade of owning it.

Got the 60 foot down decent, it's STILL spinning 2nd a bit even with the air bags and fatter tires on it.
No videos this time as I went solo.

I think it's got 13.2s in it the way she sits.

Anyone know what the fastest na J is/was? ......dave?


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13.07 @ 108 was my fastest, you're getting close!
Thanks dave. Means alot to me.

I'm not sure my stock motor has enough jam to get past that.

Im not going for the fastest na, I was just curious. I noticed that I'm shifting into 4th like 60 feet from the end which has to be slowing me down some. Other than that it worked very well
I had the same problem:

that was with the stock trans, the W41 slowed me way down... I think I was getting close to 5th and even shifted into a couple times.

a FDR between the stock and W41 might have done it, maybe a 3.73 or even the W41 with a better 1st.
Was your car gutted for your fast runs ?

I'm out of the game now, what's a w41?

I literally just turned on one of my old flip phones to get daily number. Hopefully I can figure out which quad4 trans I have. I don't remember much about when I had it in the car other than it was a torque monster and loved spinning street tires.
Apparently my Q4 is a 93-94 HO trans with a 3.94 fdr
Yah, I had a drivers seat, door panels and a dash.

Do you have the code from the trans? Mine was a 3XTX. somewhere is a table that you can figure out which gearset you have, there were several.
Civic motors and Tranny swaps. Dodge truck Tranny swaps and work have kept me from the car. Had time to take it to the drags last night.


First run was just a quick little burn out very little smoke. Fresh off the trailer.

The rest were like 30-40 min apart. Had the rad fan on, car was quite cool. Once again it was inconsistent in my eyes.

After thiught , i Should have logged them

The videos are linked to the slip pics.

Dave, where are the trans codes?


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I dug around, looks like that was info on 60v6 years back but they haven't re posted it since the updates.

next time I talk to Ben I'll ask him if he still has it.
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