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anyone wanna drag? now with a time

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im goin to shannonville motorsports park this friday night for a test and tune if anyone is around this area and wants to roll.... lets do it.


PS hoping to run anything in a 13 untuned... seems to spin a shit wack even with ET streets haha
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Ran a new best of a 14.4. Haha . Car still spins way to much. Was not happy with the time but I don't have many km on the car. Gonna buy legit slicks to replace the et streets. Need a shorter shifter and a tune all for next spring....
allllllright this forum is full of activity now lol

going to the drags again Saturday... hoping she will be all tuned up. didn't buy tires, didn't do a short shifter but hoping to improve on last years time.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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