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I just got a 99 mustang GT so its time to retire my cavi. About the car, its a 1989 Z24 cavalier it has 48,000 orignial miles. It has never been recked or rebuilt. It is black with silver trim, it has duel silver racing stripes running down the center it has a nine inch supra style spoiler with LCE(3rd brake light) it has 17" 5 spoke american racing rims (touring style) with low profile tires that are in great shape. it has an OBX muffler with silencer. the windows are power and are tented to ether 25% or 30% dont really remeber. It has an automatic transmission it has keyless entry comes with spare keys. the enterior has a metalic red paint job with four red neon lights that are noise activate and are controled by a switch on the consol. it has new floor mats. the interior is gray. Along with everything you also get a great sound system Sony explode Cd player with two 4x6 pioneer speakers in the front sony explode 6x9s in the back two 12" sony explodes(800watts) mounted in a custom box made just for the car. You also get an 600watt jensen amp. Everything is in working order and in great shape. The engion has a splash of red paint on it and it also has a custom ram air intake built. There are a few problems that the car has. the convertable top(white) has a 12" slash just above the driver side door. Also the convertable top isnt working i had it checked out and they said it was a relay switch or a fuse not really sure i dont have tags or insurance for it now so i cant drive it to be fixed. Besides that there is two minor problems the fuel gage reads incorectly between half and 3/4 is really empty and the passenger door doesnt unlock all the way with the remote locks. I had an estamate for a new top for around $450. Anyway if you are intrested I have millions of pictures I can send you if you are seriously intreted. let me know.
IM:wargasim69 or redproving
EMAIL:[email protected]
PHONE:540 5521008 ask for Alex
CELL: 540 3929008

I will help with delivery if nessisary.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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