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Anyone with an after market cd player in a sunbird

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I have a question. I know crutchfeild has the kit but i dont want to spend 25 bucks for it. does anyone know where i can get the center consol face plate the will go with an after market cd player? if you dont know what im talking about sorry.....lol but it looks like this.

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Check places like Circuit Shitty, Worst Buy, Wal*Fart, and AutoBone. Most of them carry the dash kits for about $15...
If you wanted to spend $20, you could order from GM the faceplate that came with the ones with the factory CD player... then you'd have your storage compartment where the tape deck is now, and maybe just have to trim it a bit to fit around an aftermarket CD player. I just cut the storage compartment out to fit the new HU, then just pulled the tape deck out so it's a gaping hole... I need to fix that.
tiny1877 said:
Check places like Circuit Shitty, Worst Buy, Wal*Fart, and AutoBone. Most of them carry the dash kits for about $15...
I have yet to see any brick & mortar store that has the Sunbird dash kit in stock.
I like the look of the stock faceplate the best. And it only requires a small bit of modifications to work with most decks. In my car we just mounted the deck iso style, which most decks I believe can do, in the factory location then modified the GM part to allow the decks face to tilt.

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how have you done this to your radio,mine is in the same place,but farther out of the plastic piece
For my radio I didn't use the mounting sleeve that comes with the deck. If you look on the side of your deck there should be some threaded screw holes for mounting also. I drilled holes in the plastic Pod for those screws to go through, that allowed me to mount the deck directly to the pod just like the original CD/Tape player. Then had to file just a little of the lower lip off the factory plastic piece so that my deck's face will tilt.
Why did you have to drill holes in the "pod"? Mine had slots molded into the inner part of the "pod".
Cause when I slid my deck in, it didn't line up with tracks that the factory CD player used. So we had to make new ones.
oups my radio isnt there my haedunit took the place of the cassette deck
lower space under the storage compartment
my bird had a factory cd deck in it, when i pulled it out the faceplate to the pioneer i had didnt quite fit into the slot so i sanded down the inner edges to make it bigger and my deck fits in there fine. i know u can buy dash kits aroudn that are like universal, but maybe try a junkyard and look for a bird with a factory cd player then gank the console piece. GL.
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