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Attn: anyone with sunbird gt

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Im looking yo duplicate the stock duel exhaust pattern for the sunbird gt and was wondering if anyone has a pick of the underside layout. Or if anyone has gotten their exhaust redone to this setup. Any info would be great!!!

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what about goin to a parts store the got pics of exaust systems for all cars most likely for the gt as well :D

as usuel i godda tell you everything :lol: :D :p
Grrr.....I just deleted the Tenneco diagram I had last week.

Should have known someone would have wanted it. :p
no major aftermarket supplier will have a pic of dual exhaust for the sunbird gt... or even carry it

but the stock routing is pretty simple, follows the route of the single exhast to just about the rear axel, then splits to each side...
my probelm is my exhaust has to get done next week!!! the shits fallin apart. Now i dont have the gt rear bumper yet so my concern is if i get the exhaust done before i add the bumper i dont the exhaust to sit to high and hit the rear buper and also i would like it to line up with the cut outs for the exhaust. if anyone can even get me demensions of the exhaust that would be kick ass.
id would just hold of on the exhaust till you get the bumper.. that way you know its done right

its about the only choice you have,

just tell em to weld your holes up so its not so loud :D
i have no cat! i cant take it to a shop to weld it together. they wont work on it w/o a cat. i was thinking about just getting single exhaust then hen iget the bumper cut out a section and put in a y pipe to the 2nd muffler, will that work?
my car is done with the y pipe thing ,it works good but couls look better
im just gonna get the duel exhaust done becasue i have no i dea when im gettin this kit. so if it causes a problme i will just adjust the exhaust. thanks for the info ;)
Check with a parts store. When I had my ford hatchback I needed a gasket that went between the convertor and the header, they had a complete drawing of the entire exhaust system in their book. Along with any hangers, gaskets, pipe bends etc. This will not give you exact placement, but should give an idea where you need yours to hang.

If anybody knows how to bypass or make a security dongle for the ALLDATA disks, I would provide anything needed from there. My bud gave me an old set of disks from his shop but wasnt aware that a dongle is needed to use them.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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