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Audi A4 1.8T ?

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Ok I know its an Audi but thats it I was behind him on Leslie today going north and there was a few times he would gun it and I could keep with him no ground lost!!
I dont know if that is good or avg. We finally got to an intersection where the lane ends just up the road so I pulled up next to him. Actually I gave him about a half car length.
So the light turns green and he gives it hell I of course do to, he couldnt get ahead of me but I couldnt get up on him either.

He was sooo pissed I could see him banging his steering wheel...lol so I gear down to 3rd and make it sooo noticable to the point I even flashed my lights and waved him infront of me ( he was outta road)
The next lights he turned right before I could get beside him to snicker !!!
Cant believe how pissed he was though!!

Just outta curiousity what are the specs on that car??
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I raced a 1.8T 5-speed, i matched him to the hair on his chin up until about 130km, then pulled way out. That was a 1.8T jetta with 185 horses. The audi has I think 170hp, with 166torque? So good job :)
those cars weigh a ton. they really shouldn't pu a 4 cylinder in them. even if it is turbo.
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