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audio problem in a sentra

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this afternoon i was at my friend house installing his new pioneer headunit
(it's a DEH-P4500MP) and it does not want to work,i have the wiring harness,all the wires at the good place,it doesnt do a thing.When I put back the old clarion piece of crap it works,we were thinking the radio was shotted
but it works at the store ,what could it be ,btw its a 1994 nissan sentra

and the infinity reference serie are a big improvement over stock speakers

help me please i need help and fast
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Is there a reset button anywhere on the deck? Try pushing that, maybe it'll do something. You could have blown a fuse in the deck hooking it up, check that out too.
i think with the 4500 you have to hold the power button(source) for a few seconds...it should start fine, if not then it is a fuse in the deck, or you have no ground, or possibly your constant power and power wire when you turn the key are mixed...find a wiring diagram on the net
I think that it's your wiring. Do you have a voltage tester? If so use it to identify the correct wires for the deck. Or better yet if you haven't cut the harness off, go to wal mart and buy one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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