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back engine oil leak

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ok i appear to have an oil leak at the rear ofthe engine, but have no idea where exactly it's coming from, it's inbetween the oil pan and the transmission...i have wiped down the engine and let it run, but it doesn't come out until you actually drive it, and by then there is too much to see where it's coming from...wtf???this has been doing this for a couple of months now, but hasn't been leaking too much oil, so i wasn't worried about it...but now, i want to get it fixed(because i have the time)and i can't figure out wtf is going on...any ideas/help/money would be greatly appreciated....
thanks Derek
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oh yeah, 3.1, auto tranny.,,,
It could be a rear engine seal , oil pump driveshaft o ring or possibly the drain plug . I had the oil pump driveshaft o ring go and the drain plug go. The drain plug gasket should be replaced every time u do an oil change.
It could also be that one power steering pump hose. It runs around the back of the engine, and when it has a leak it just splatters all over the back of the engine making it look like the engine that has a leak.
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