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ill have pictures someday soon when i kill the film roll and develope it this weekend. anyway the cavalier has Z26 wheels, and a funny engine problem in which it stall after it runs for a while, then it wont start til it cools down. the temperature seams to run hotter then normal, past the 220 F mark which it never used to run that hot, and it seams i loose fuel then loose spark shortly thereafter im lost and confused but am slowly narrowing down the problem (any suggestions?)
also picked up a beater,
91 toyota tercel
red, 1.5L 82 hp 90 ft/lbs 4 spd manual
runs 10 times better then the cavalier right now and gets better gas milage but its just not as cool. anyway i know this thread sucks ass without pictures but your gonna have to wait a few days
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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