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Black car with Blue Interior

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Anyone have this? What does it look like? does it really throw off the car with it being such a drastic change from the outside to inside?

Reason being is I want to paint mine next spring and I've narrowed it down to black or silver...but, my interior is blue.

I know most black cavys just have black interior...and there is no way I have the money to turn it all black.

So has anyone seen a black car with blue interior? Does it look dumb?
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my car was black at one time and i had blue interior and it didnt look bad at all i think black with blue interior or silver with blue interior looks awesome im getting my car painted silver and keeping my blue interior and o yea my car didnt come with black interior it came with a shitty tan/grey color :-?
Im planning on doing about the same, i got a 94 with gray interior, im planning on turing the interior into blue and grey with a black exterior, i think it will look hott. :D
If anything is done to my interior, I know it'll be black and silver in and out. But because it is brown....not worrying about it right now. Too much money involved.

I think the blue and silver will look good though.

BTW, you get your name from The Used?
My car is currently white with blue interior. my problem is that I hate blue, and I'm slowly trying to change it into black and red. If anyone wants to trade parts, black or even grey for my blue interior, by all means PM me.
My first car was silver body with blue interior. it looked really nice. I painted parts of my interior in my car silver (I am not a fan of white) and it looks really good.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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