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Brake Lines

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I have a big leak in my brake line! When you apply the brakes it sprays out really bad right underneath the drivers door. I brought it to the mechanic and he said they are so rotten that they need to be replaced from the master cylinder right back to the rear brakes.

So my question is how hard would it be to do myself? There are also two options to do it. I can get a brake line kit that has all the pieces for it but i think is quite expensive or I can buy brake line and get a flaring tool and do it myself. Anyone ever flared brake line? is it pretty straight forward? Let me know if you have any tips or tricks..
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i would recommend to bring in your car, cuz you dont wanna screw up brakes. and i would also recommend to get all your lines checked, cuz if one is toast, then there's a chance that the other ones could go as well.

good luck :D
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