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BRAND NEW head unit for sale......picture now!!!!

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i have a brand new sony Xplod head unit for sale. its 52x4, has xm radio, MD and CD changer cantrols. it will read CDs/CD-Rs/CD-RWs and change to any color you want it to. the display is very colorful and bright. this head unit was never in a car, only hooked up to make sure it worked (which it does!). it has a detatchable face plate and is very good looking. its in absolutely perfect shape and is about $245 in a store............. I'm only looking to get $150 for it. if anybody is interested please let me know, i need the money and need to get rid of it asap!! thanks.

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i fryed that deck bro after a week of having it in
try getting it installed professionally this time!! my best friend has the exact same one in his blazer (installed by ME) and its worked perfectlly ever since it was bought. no offense to you or nothing, but maybe you just missed something, or something was touching something else or something was crossed, or you didnt have a big enough fuse, or no fuse at all maybe, or maybe you just straight up hooked it up wrong... who knows man! i bought this head unit because i liked my friends so much and was jelious, it seriously is a sweet deck!! maybe you just bought a bad one to begin with.....
it was installed profesionaly
im not trying to make this confrontational dude, i just want to get SOME of my money back for it so i can get a new car, thats alll! my friend hasnt had a single problem with his, and it was installed by me. i'll tell ya what, if you drive here to buy it from me, i'll install it myself for free!! 8)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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