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Brown Bread f/s

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Unopened brown bread dampening, I believe the roll is 3x5 feet, cost $50 canadian to buy make me an offer on it, its enought to do the trunk lid, what I wanted it for.
Just wanna get rid of it, have no need for it anymore.

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only 3x5'? is that really enough?
I believe its enough, just for the trunk lid. I don't think the trunk lid is wider then 5 feet???????
oh sorry read it to fast man, trunk- trunk lid, big difference
ya .. It took less then a roll for me to do my lid well. Took me 5 roll's to do my trunk 8) 8) . If the price is right I could use some more. what ya lookin at gettin for it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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