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busted head gasket?

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Ok guys my car sounds like its a small block v-8 i thought it may just be the spark plugs and wires so i change them and its still doin it and when i crank my car up in the morning its white smoke for a little while and i have to add water every day or two so if someone could please give me some advice of what it is and how to fix it. Thanks
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well if it would be your head gasket you would see oily slimey shit all over the place (this is a misture of oil and cooland) annyways clean your engine with some good degreaser and then see if it's leaking
if your gasket is gone... u your car should smoke like fuck....
u think is missfiring? O2 censor? spark plugs? wires? coils? timing? fuel? i think thats most u can ever worry about... id say spark plugs or wires...
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