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Effective: April 1 2009
After working through the rules posted in February, getting feedback & experiencing the limitations of the forum, some revisions to the BST rules have been made. Most notably in the ability to reply to posts.

Please read and understand the following before posting in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum

<COLOR color="red"> <SIZE size="150">Replies to other people's classified ads should be limited to direct questions about the item for sale only</SIZE></COLOR>
Any replies regarding price or serious interest in purchasing/providing the item should be relayed either via email or private message.
Posting replies to the original thread regarding price, your non-interest in the item, or other negative remarks may result in the posts being deleted and the poster warned.

v6z24.com and it's owners do not take any responsibility for transactions in this forum. This is purely a buy/sell at your own risk.

v6z24.com and its owners/staff assume no liability for errors, omissions and/or misinterpretations pertaining to the buy/sell/trade listings.

v6z24.com and its owners/staff assume no responsibility for any and all details, agreements, and terms between the buyer and seller. This is buy/sell/trade at your own risk.

v6z24.com and its owners/staff reserve the right to remove any listings that do not follow the rules of the forum stated below

<COLOR color="red">Quick Overview of Posting a Classified Ad</COLOR>
1. Post your Classified Ad: "New Thread" button just as if you were posting anywhere else on the forum. <SIZE size="150"><COLOR color="red">In the title of your post you Must have one of the following: WTB (Wanting to buy) , WTS (Wanting to sell), WTT (Wanting to trade), LF (Looking For) </COLOR></SIZE>. Also, TW (Testing Waters) is acceptable for FULL VEHICLES ONLY. We're not going to test waters for parts.

2. Wait for responses: People will either email you or private message if they are seriously interested in buying or have the item you're looking for. Questions related to the items may be posted as replies to your thread. You should answer those questions by replying to your original thread.

3. Close your Classified Ad: Once you have sold the item you are selling or found the item you are buying, please edit your post title stating "sold, found or no longer looking" so others browsing the forum know this ad is no longer relevant.

<COLOR color="red">
The Rules of the B/S/T Section
1. <SIZE size="150"><COLOR color="red">This is not eBay</COLOR></SIZE>, include a price or a trade: Our classified section does not support bidding or "make me an offer" style ads when you are the one selling an item. When selling/trading away an item a price or a requested trade must be included, preferably in the thread title. This does not apply to people looking to buy an item, they are welcome to receive offers privately from sellers and pick the best deal. Location must be included in either the post title or the message body

2. Do not reply to/bump your ads more than once every 72 hours (3 days), unless replying to a direct question from another member: Every time you reply to your own thread, it is moved back to the top of the classifieds listing. If done repeatedly this is unfair to other members who are trying to buy or sell items. If you need to add information to your listing within 72 hours since your last post, edit the original post. Basically, if you post your ad on January 1st at noon, do not reply to the thread until at least January 4th at noon. Bumping prematurely will result in your ad being trashed and your access to the classifieds may be revoked temporarily or permanently.

3. Do not break the law or offer to break the law: This should go without saying, but do not do illegal things. Doing so will result in an immediate ban from the discussion forum completely, most likely forever.

<COLOR color="red">Suggestions and Tips for Classified Ads</COLOR>
1. The more information the better: Posting an ad with the title "[Want To Sell] Car" is probably going to be ignored by everyone. Be specific, try: "[Want to Sell] 1993 Chevy Cavalier (Location)". The latter will stand out far better because people know what you're selling, and how easy or difficult it will be to get it.

2. Include pictures if you have them: People love to see pictures, it gives them a sense of security to know what they're getting. If you have them it certainly can't hurt to post them.

3. Clearly outline any terms of the transaction: If you will only accept local pick up, state this. Cash only? State this as well. The more information you post the less confusion there will be and the better everyone will be in the long run.<SIZE size="100"></SIZE>

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Addendum just in case it's not really clear...

Posts of "I wish I were closer" or "I wish I could afford it" don't fall under direct questions about the item and will most likely be deleted. Everyone can feel free to admire what's for sale but you don't need to post it in every thread in the forum.

Don't critique other people's prices. They ask what they feel their item is worth. That's why negotiations exist. If a mod believes that there might be a problem with the price, we will address it.

Also, please keep all non-sale related banter to a minimum in B/S/T. If you have questions about the item not directly related to the sale, please PM the seller. For instance, if you have questions about a mod on a vehicle for sale that you want for your own car (What did you get that from? etc.), please direct it to the seller in a PM.

This will keep B/S/T from getting cluttered and posts from being unnecessarily bumped down in the forum. This keeps everyone's chances of selling their item higher.

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