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Car hesitates!! Please help!

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Ok guys and gals My 91 cav is hesitating, also if I don't let it warm up to the regular temp that it runs at it gets NO power and wants to die, after it warms up it has hesitation off the line but everyware else it's ok PLEASE HELP ME GUYS. :D
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Check for codes. could be a few things.
Sounds like you might have a fuel system issue. The Cow or the Raven would be able to help you out best, but I may be able to offer some assistance until they reply to your post.
-Check your PCV valve and make sure it's properly installed.
-Check your brake booster line and be sure it's on tight and not allowing vaccuum to escape.
-Make sure you don't have any leaks around your intake plenum or TB.
-How clean is your intake and plenum? Check inside with a flashlight for buildup. See the TB and Plenum cleaning how-to on this site. (I used three cans of bra-kleen to get my plenum clean)
-Is your air intake hose free of obstructions?
-How recently have you changed your fuel filter? It could be a small part of your problem.
-And a tune up? Dirty plugs and old wires can rob your engine of power.
-I'm not quite sure about DIS systems - I haven't had to tinker with mine yet. (I'd probably zap myself)
-Are your injectors clean and properly functioning?
-Are your injectors being fed with fuel at an even pressure?
-How clean is your oil and what viscosity do you use? Sometimes a thicker cold viscosity will provide less than optimum lower end lubrication until the oil is properly warmed. (This probably is not an issue, though I found it plays a part with my car)
-Does it burn oil? Too much oil seeping into the combustion chamber while the engine is off will cause a difficult start and rough running until the oil is burned out.
-And of course, if you have a service engine light then you should check for codes. They usually give a pretty good idea about what's wrong.
Like I said, the Cow or Raven seem to be the experts around here, so they could help you out best :wink: . Hopefully I offered some decent info that may give you some relief.

Good Luck!
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A faulty TPS will cause a hesitation or stumble on acceleration.
thanks guys I checked all of your suggestions and fixed the prob!
Sooooo? what was the problem and/or fix
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