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car will not start

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i just gutted my 91 z24 4 my newest project but i cant figure out why the damn thing wont start . there is no sound at all when i try to turn it over , i just replaced the battery and alternator but there is not luck starting it and the fan doesnt work well not when i had it started anyways any input would be grately appreciated at this time
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You probably need to provide a little more info. For example, when you turn the key to the 'on' position, is the dash lights on? Do you hear the fuel pump? Either way it sounds like its time to get yourself a current tester ($1.50 at wal-mart) and start checking wires to see if they are hot. If your dash lights are on when you turn the key, I would first get someone to try and start it and see if there is any power to the starter. Of course I don't need to tell you to be careful when doing this as to not be too close to any moving parts of your engine in case if decides to fire up while your doing this right?? :D

I'm sure people here could help you more if you give a little more info.
Like Ziggy said, we need more info. Things to look at: starter, ignition switch, fuses, battery cables.... etc... etc... I would double check the wiring and the battery connections.

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