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Car won't start

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Hey, Yesterday morning as I left for school I heard a metal banging sound coming from my engine bay when I started the car, though it still started up okay. The sound seemed to be coming from the middle or passenger side of the car. When I finished school, it took a few tries to get it to start (like 3-4 cranks instead of 1-2).

I parked it in my driveway when I got home and then went to start it up again about 15 minutes later, to no avail. It tries to start, but doesn't quite make it. The alternator does like a half-turn and freezes and the car whines, but it won't fire up.

I'm guessing it's the starter, but does anyone else have a second opinion? It's a '94 Sunbird (2.0L engine), btw.

Thanks guys.
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Good idea.... I'll try that when I get home (I'm currently at school)
If you hear a clicking while the car tries to start then it's possible your battery could be dead... if the engine does a half turn it's also possible if your battery is dead that the alternator is gone as well... Check your codes and see what the deal is...
Checked the codes, nothing but Code 12, which is a good sign I imagine (that it's not the ECS or EST)

I also tried to give it a jump from another car, but that didn't do it either.

Search results lead me to believe it's the starter (metal grinding noise rather than clicking).... Anybody else have other thoughts though?
Starter or even the alternator. If the metal bang you heard was the
alternator craping out then you would have been running on battery
power so it would have been getting harder and harder to start until
the battery went dead.
Turned out it was indeed the starter... thanks guys.
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