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Cav Vs CRX (update)

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Whelp I decide to go and get a soda and something at a gas station before I headed back to my 1:45 class and as I pull into the BP a crx comes and parks next to me. It was an auto and had a huge cannon on the back. I tried w/ all I had not to smile cause it was or what looked to be a p.o.s like every other one around here. The driver was a guy somewhere between 20 and 26 y/o. I got to the entrace first and held the door for him and just passed on throw like I was suppose to do that. So already he's got me sorta pissed.

ANyway, I grab a wild cherry pepsi and a king size butterfinger and go and pay for it. As I'm at my car door the guy says "nice cavalier," but in a sarcastic (sp) tone. I said "yep, it sure is but not as nice as that thing." He immediately got upset and said it'd rip my '03 apart w/out trying. So I thought for a second and said "well, we can find out can't we?" He nodded and said lets line up at the light once it goes yellow. I said fine and we both waited and hoped no one would be at the light once we got there. I see the light turn yellow and step on it to get ahead of a truck that was coming down and the crx got out in time too and lined up on my right side. He was reving and reving the piss outta the p.o.s. I just sat there and waited to see the cross traffic light go yellow and once it did I brought my rpm's up a little, got ready, and bam! Light went green and I got a little spin but hooked up quickly w/ the crx right there. I shifted into second and leap forward bringing the crx's front to my rear tire. He started to gain slightly until I put it in 3rd and just walked away. I didn't let up until I was at like 105 and by than the p.o.s was way back, I slowed and turned around to head back.

After my nice victory I decided I wanted to just go home, so here I am. Called the dealership and scheduled a 2pm appointment to change the '03's oil. Have a little more to go on it, but figure I minus well get it done at 2500 :D . Would do it myself, but I want them to check for other things and than I'll do the rest myself.


I took out the z when I got home to go and get my paycheck and deposite it and while waiting for the light to get back onto 74 this gold '94-'96 cavalier z24 got behind me. I heard a honk and looked back and the chick had her head out the window yelling something so I put mine out my window and she said "thats a nice z!" I yelled back "thank you." She said something about running and I was like ok and we both went back to stare'n at the light. When it went green I took off normally and got into the left hand lane and she flew over into the right and got up beside me and was smiling so I smiled back shifted to back to 2nd and stepped on it tearing away. She got on it too and we had to stop for a light. She popped it into N and reved, so I reved a little and her eyes went :eek: and she yelled "is that a 6?" I nodded. Light goes green and she gets a jump on me because I spun alittle and plus the z isn't in the best of shape right now. I caught her in 2nd and starting to pull on her through 3rd and 4th. We both cut off about a mile down the road w/ me about 1 length. At the next light she said nice run and she should try find one of the older z's. I said, yea just be careful and make sure it isn't a piece like most of them are that are for sale and we both went our separate ways.

Wooo, two races in one day, haven't had that happen in some time :D
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Good kills.
Good job hun, would have been great to see.
<COLOR color="green"> nice kill ..... and got to flirt wit a chick too .... 2 thumbs up! remember it's all about the ladies! 8) </COLOR>
i hate it when people dont say thanks when u hold the door for them, they may as well tell u to fuck off. everytime someone dont say thank i just say your welcome u lil bitch lol. but anway nice kill put him in his place, he must have felt so stupid lol.
wyoeaglefan said:
<COLOR color="green"> nice kill ..... and got to flirt wit a chick too .... 2 thumbs up! remember it's all about the ladies! 8) </COLOR>
HEY! thats my quote :lol: , good kills tho
I also feel people who dont say thank youwhen you hold the door for them is just a act of pure stupid ass laziness... anyways nice kill
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