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cavalier to cimmaron gauges

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Well my brother and I were at the junkyard and saw a few cimmarons. They were mostly 4 cylinders. My question is is it possible for me to swap those gauges in the gc and if so what do i have to do to make it work?
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Doesnt anyone know about this??
Yes you can, I was considering this because I actually am starting to like the big square dash. You need to rewire the pins on the electrical connector behind the dash and change the sensors on the engine to correspond with the gauge instead of the dummy light.


-1989 Cavalier Z24 Conv.
-1990 Cavalier Sedan
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I had 3 90' 4 cylinder Cavaliers with the flat dash and swapped every one of them to the Cimmaron Dash. Al is correct, you simply have to swap pinouts, but the Dash has to be from a 4 cylinder for the tach to correctly work on a 4 cylinder.....
Thanks alot for the info. So its fairly easy to do the swap?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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