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Cavalier vs. Civic

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Ok, so me and my friend matt are driving in florence, sc the other night, posting flyers up in the mall, other places, etc. We are both in the car, my friend Matt in the passenger seat. For some odd reason, he is always with me now when I street race. I know I said that I would never street race again, but ya know, it gets kinda into you at that moment. So I am driving behind a Purple Honda Civic, maybe around a 96-97 model. We are at a stop light, I am behind him, I turn the bass off for a minute because there is a cop on the other stop light at the four way, on the other side, he was going straight. This is a big intersection, I had to be careful. At this time, I wasen't planning on racing tonight, because I haven't gotten my new tires on tha cavi yet. It's been awhile, but I spinned the tread off both of the tires, and one of the tires had a nail in it, i replaced it. Back to the story, I am driving behind the Honda, I hear "chi, chi chi chi woo woo". Either he has something extra like a turbo or something in it. My friend laughed as we both looked at the primered out bodykit. This guy thought he was a badass, he looked like he was about 19-22. So we start going at the stop light, the cop is already gone, no 5-0, so we start driving, he is going too slow in the left lane, so I go to the right to pass him, I go over to the right lane and start to pass, he CLOSES in on me, almost hitting me, so I backed up some and got up beside him at the stop light. The bass is pounding again, I pull up to the stop light and look over, rolled the window down. He looks at me and smiles, with that big ass grin on his face. He revs his engine up...i didnt near anything at all, he goes, "yeah, im gonna beat you". I go, "oh, we're racing now?". So I rev tha cavi up and let the guy hear the flowmaster, the guys holds both hands on the wheel instead of one now, trying to pimp before. What girl is gonna want a guy in a purple honda? Anyways, the light hits green, I SLAM on the gas and so does he, not as quick of a reaction though as me. We start going, at the beginning, I am already 3 car lengths ahead of him, its bout 1/4 mile up the road before the traffic hits and 1 mile to the next stop light. I look in my rearview mirror and my friend laughs, I get bored, so I switch the neons on, ricer move, but it was funny. He looks at me from way back as I kick it around a car to the left lane quick and then switch back to the right lane. The car I pass turns off and I am at the next stop light, I am forced to turn right, had to go to the mall. So I start to turn, he FINALLY catches up and slams on the brakes at the last moment, dumbass ricer. He rolled his window down some more and my friend yells over, "how much hp does that bodykit give you?". He gets pissed and drives off, it was fun, an alright night after all.
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HELL YEA!! You go buddy! I can't wait to get my Z24 on the road. I had a dodge Avenger pull up to me one time when I was in my 2.0 four-door. There was no competition. But I HOPE he pulls up to me when I'm in my "Z"!! Way to kick ass man!

Awesome, keep kickin ricer ass!.
Haha, sweet!
that freakin rocks man, keep it up, kill them ricer assholes
nice man, i cant wait for Z to get on the road too, been in the garage like 3 weeks now :roll:
i will come race you in my civic :p Darlington still does the wedn night TestnTune right??? Sundays they run but id have to look at the schedule.. Or i can bring my Z which ever... anymore J-bods in the area. maybe we can meet at the track..
No slicks :(
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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