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Check this out....

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jonathan said:
One word: BADASS! :pimp:
ditto! :eek:
Merry Christmas!

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nice friggin car
i would have posted the pics but i was trying to be 56k frendly :wink: :lol:

but yah, i love that car. :love:
old but still nice cavalier
theres a sunfire with the same orange shade (more burnt orange but who cares)
gm designed those cars
snowblindburd said:
I thought that cav and the sunfire were stolen...
Yes both were stolen, however the Sunfire was found. So this car lurks out there somewhere.. What a shame, it was so beautiful!
yeah its a shame.... but it was a professional job where the theives had keys to the big rig that both cars were in and he drove off with it...... so you know someone wanted these cars BAD...... probably some Japs that didnt want teens to realize that american cars arent as bad as they think
i hate to be the one to say it but....... yea its yellow...... yea its shiny.....
but i think that thing is fuuuuuuuuuugggggglllllyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!
very sweet
whitelightning2 said:
hehe, can we say "Supercharged"? :love:
no i cant :p
itsjustmewarren said:
whitelightning2 said:
hehe, can we say "Supercharged"? :love:
no i cant :p
why not ? :lol:
yea that car was stolen and to my knowledge was never found. they got the sunfire back cuz the guy who took it left it with the keys in it as some club.
I think the headlight thing is kinda pointless, it doesn't look right on the car, it makes it look TOO done up. U wanna make projector headlights make the original headlight housing with the projectors dont do that, thats nasty
but the car in general is sweet as hell :)
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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