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what you need help with? the guy sayin his v6 cavy sucked prolly cause he didnt take care of it? and was running on 5 cyls?

I like how they are talking about regular 2.2's and shit, funny because those suck. Atleast my '97 w/ the 2.2 did anyway, no great acceleration and it couldn't hold a good speed while going up a hill. The eco's are killer compared to them imo.

I only drove a 2200 or 2.2 (whatever) xtreme before and it blew balls compared to my 2.2 eco and 2.8L.

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99blkx said:
Shit, I'm already a member there, I got your back!!!

Thanks for the back up. Seemed like everytime i posted something, somebody had something to say to contradict me. Mostly based on "hear say" Im sitting here thinking "wtf i own both, i think i know what im talking about". Ive ridden in plenty of 2.4l twin cams because when i used to go to the races there were about 4 or 5 of them in our group. So i do have experience with them. Only ever been in an ecotec once but i dont remember what it was like cuz i was too drunk too remember.

Oh well
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