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Chip & CAI for sale

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I have a Super chip and FDP Cold Air Intake that I don't need anymore. I just want to get rid of it than toss it. Chip is for a 93 3.1 engine not sure if it is compatible with other 2nd gen models. I'd like to get rid of both for a $100 U.S. If interested email me.
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hey sweet car man, you have a pic of the cold air? i already have a chip. thanks, kev
I want em givem to me mine mine mine!!!!! Ill paypal the money to you right now if you want!!!
If vulcaneagle doesn't want the goods.. I would be interested in the CAI..

DO you have a pic?


*Back arches, claws extend*

:lol: :roll:
i call DIBs!!! on the cai, mine!!! lol, if we can get some pics that is
If the other offers fall through I'll take the FDP CAI for $55 and I will pay for shipping.

Sorry guys the CAI is sold however if this guy does not want then I'll put it on the market again. The chip is still for sale so if your interested drop me a line on my personal email - I'll be quicker to respond to ya. BTW I got no pix of the CAI -everything is intact I had to remove cause I just got my car smogged and its just hassle to remove all that stuff. Since I'm looking to sell the car I'm just gonna keep it stock. If I do sell it I may just put the O.G. rims on and sell my after market rims for a very reasonable price. I'll keep you guys updated. Latah..
as theguy who had dibs on the chip first i pass down the torch as i will not have the money for at least a week.

sry guys,
Bret 8)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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