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cleanin motor...help

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i have cleaned, sanded and polished the motor but i still have little lines..does anyone have some advice as to how to get them out. (have a feelin all i'm goin to get is sand the hell out of it but maybe someone knows another way) :evil: <LINK_TEXT text="http://www.v6z24.com/pictures/users/dav ... 2_1_th.jpg">http://www.v6z24.com/pictures/users/davesz24/motor_2_1_th.jpg</LINK_TEXT>
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you wouldnt happen to have a larger pic would you? that one is really hard to see the detail in.
i know what little lines you are talking about, however the only way to get ride of them totally is to do lots more sanding, then more polishing.

Its a looong process..but will look awesome when its all done.
good luck
i got the lines out....lots of sandin but i got them. used three diff. sand papers but it's smooth as a babys butt :moon: :lol:
i havent been real good with cleaning my engine, when i first got it, you couldnt even tell it was silver underneath..lol, but i used some wipes i found laying around, degreaser wipes, they did very well for the wide open spots, but i couldt get the spots that were hard to get.

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