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Clear Corners

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I tried to follow the steps on clearing the corner lights as directed in by the How - To section. One problem that i ran into a few problems.
1. I could not get the orange piece out. and when i tried to take it off, it cracked.

Does anyone have a simpler way of doing this (although this site explained it fairly good)
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It doesnt matter if the orange peice cracks or not, if you can get it out go for it. Only thing u need the orange peice for is a template for the clear peice.
NO... The orange piece didnt break, the lens cracked. which meant i had to go out to the junkyard and pick up a new one. :guns:
send the ones you got at the junk yard to me & ill make them clear for you for a small fee. :) check out my site below my sig.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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