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clear tail lights

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how do you make your tail lights clear so thay could match the clear corners and my car is white I think it would be cool
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use da search button or buy em from brooks or flashpointmods
Well the first step is to....

1. Do a search...
2. If you cannot find n e thing all u do is cut out the Red lenses with a dremel and fit Styrene or Plexi Glass to fit in the holes...
3. Get red bulbs...
4. Only put them on at night, cops wont bother u and during the day pray a cop doesnt pull up behind u. Taillights are suppose to be reflective and our clears really arent.

sorry for being an ass.
Man, I created a post that asked the same question. Browse around first man! LOL!

need more info on who sells the clear tails.? are they homeade too? and if not are they legal? brooks and flashpoint mods i need more info
http://www.v6z24.com/registry/brooksoffroadz24/ <-----brook homemade flashpointmods website aint worken for me maybe he went outta bizness :-? but pm brooks for more info
http://alteredimages.ionichost.com <---- Created by me :wink:
There's a way u can make the tail lights so that their reflective. I've done it ;) they shine really good at night too!
girlracer said:
mantained by her too :) yeah dude i could make you some euros or clears. whatever you want. hallie i need to get w/ you too. IM or PM me & ill do the same if a i see you!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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