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clutch master/slave cylinder replacement difficulty

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do you think i can handle it? remember i was a mechanic but im no ase certified master technician :wink:
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I tried to do this,..... its not that hard really, but its really easy to mess it up, cause its a factory bleed system and if you get air in there, itll be a pita to fix it,

if you have the parts already, it would only take a shop an hour to do it, if that..
thats cool but i cant afford to even put gas in my car.
heh, ok

read up on it in your repair manual than, itll explain it real good, and it makes a point not to remove the cap from the end of the new piston, MAKE SURE you dont, cause thats where I fucked mine up,

when you first press the clutch pedal, that plastic cap breaks and allows the piston to come out, if you remove it before-hand, youll have problems getting it setup into the tranny..and mess it up..
o man its sooooo easy lol really i think ya can handel it not hard at all
how do i bleed it? do i have to bleed them separtely or when the whole thing is installed or what
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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