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Im gonna be doing a auto - 5 speed swap sometime next year. Anyways I know absolutely nothing about clutches. I keep seeing things about Stage 1 , stage 2 etc clutches. I was wondering what are the differences in those cluches : stage 1 vs. stage 2 ? And could anyone suggest a possible clutch fo me >?
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"Stages" are only relevant to the brand that is selling them. What I mean is a Stage 1 from Company X could be better than a stage 3 from company Q. ;)

If you're running a stock engine, with no real plans of going to big on building a power house, a stock replacement clutch will do just fine, if you do plan on going extreme, decide on how long that will be in the future, before spending your hard earned on a clutch that is over kill for what you are running now, and may need replacing before you do get the power house in there.

On the flip side, driving style could dictate a better clutch than OEM, but this will be your call.
Are Auto to Clutch switches hard? I have a friend that might end up attempting it. I was told that Clutch to Auto switch where a wiring night mare would this be the same the other way?
Thanks the_raven! I appreciate you answering my questions!
So when are ya coming to the States to help me put with my 5 speed swap !!! :wink:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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