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code 22

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TPS circuit (signal voltage low), Im guessing my TPs is out of adjustment, i was wondering which way i would adjust it considering the voltage is low, anyone know???
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Well, you'll basically have to "probably" replace your TPS(Throttle Position Sensor). Your ECM is "seeing" a TPS voltage that is below 0.2 volts, this is causing the code 22.

Apparently the ONLY way to check it is with a Scan Tool. I thought you would have been able to check it with a Digital MultiMeter, but apparently not!?

Anyways, that part # for the TPS is:


It should only cost about $40-45.
I found this in another post, search button is a nice feature
A new TPS is 20$ CDN. And from the research I have done you can measure and adjust it with a digital multimeter. After all it is voltage. In "technical" terms a TPS is a potentiometer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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