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Confused: Throttle Valve(TV) Cable...

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Last night I went out to adjust/re-set my transmissions TV(Throttle Valve) Cable for the 1st time, but I ran into some problems. First of all, the damn release/adjust button is almost impossible to reach, so I had to try and use a really long screw driver, BUT, when I tried to de-press the button, or at least what I THINK is the button, it wouldn't budge. It wouldn't de-press at all. I believe what I was trying to push down on was a black-plastic button, does this sound like the right thing? Or is this just a plastic cover for the actual adjustment button, which is metal and underneath?

Anyways, besides these questions, I still don't understand one thing: When I do press the re-adjust button, am I supposed to move the cable while holding the button down? I keep reading on some sites that say you pull the cable out, some say you push the cable back, some say you move the "slider" or "cable housing" backward etc...I'm lost as to which way I'm supposed to move the darn thing!!?

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Check your mail bud, you should have a picture i sent oyu that gives you all the details and a example of what you have to do. Good luck!
Hey lotsogas! do you think you could post it please? cause Ive attempted it and cant figure out what im missing :roll: Thanx
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