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Cooling System Problems

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Well today everything was fine except my o2 sensor and I replaced that recently I had just noticed that the wire was split... Went to R&S to pick up a Vibration proof terminal and on the way out I notice a HUGE puddle of Anti-Freeze underneath my car, I'm like "Was that there or is that my car?" Well it turns out it was my car...

The car is leaking heavily right above the front swaybar on the passenger side but mostly off of the engine supports... Within the 5 minutes I was in the store and came out it was dry...

Any Ideas of what is leaking? I also bought pre-diluted coolant to make the trip home and to make a radiator fluid swap cause mine was mostly burnt up... The Heater Core was just replaced so I doubt it is that however I know it's possible...

Sorry for the long post... Thanks,

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Check the hoses, radiator and the thermostat housing. If none of those are leaking, chack the water pump.

Here is a pic of where my leak is coming from...

here is a picture of my friend pat's 1989 Beretta with the 2.8

Any Idea's of what in the world is going on?
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Is the coolant coming out of that tube in the picture?

If so, I believe that tube is hooked to your heater box, and allows coolant to come out if your heater core develops a leak, instead of ruining your carpet inside the car.

Follow that tube, and see if it goes to either the firewall, or the heater box.
You are probably correct however I also noticed that my coolant is now basically empty... no need for a drain. lol Would it empty my radiator of coolant?
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