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Lately underneath the car by the bottom right side of the radiator I have noticed some fluid build up. This fluid has a hint of the smell of coolant in it, yet it is clear and not green at all. Looks like just water.
Well today I'm driving to school as usual and all of a sudden a start to see steam rising from underneath the hood by the driver's side front quarter panel. So I turn on my heat to see if steam would come out and it didn't but there was a trace of coolant in the scent of it. Upon lifting the hood I noticed it seemed to be coming from somewhere under where the air intake hose connects to the engine. Could this be a blown head gasket? The car just turned 100k yesterday. I had the heater core replaced a year ago. Also there is no trace of coolant in my exhaust.

Anyone out there have any idea? if so how much do parts cost and could I do it myself? I tried a search thing but that was pretty much no use.....
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