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Cooling system worries.

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Well on the way back home from picking up some parts that we needed for the engine swap in the gc the low coolant light came on. I pulled into a restaurant. My pressure cap got loose. So I go to check the coolant and it was bare! :roll: Went to the Gm dealership we were just at and bought coolant to the tune of $13.50 a freakin gallon!!! :eek: (it better clean up the entire cooling system for that price.) I filled it up and went to bleed the air out of the cooling system and it spit everything back out again!!! I got pissed and called AAA. Then I called my other emergency number (Soup :p . I got it towed to my house and then went to work. Came back, filled it up again and bleed it. It was fine until I put the pressure cap on. Then the coolant disappeared again like it did before. It doesnt go to the overflow. Im not sure where it goes but it does. Now my cooling fan doesnt come on anymore but it hasnt overheated. Im buying the cooling fan relay tommorow to see if thats it. I planned to replace my rad and finally put the heater core Ive had for over a year in the z during the winter when its down. I guess this is encouragement to get this shit fixed asap! :eek: Help a brother out? What else could it mean?
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You know the black metal tibing that has coolant running through it on the 3.1? You knowt he one before the manifold . I was wondering what that was called. I need the gasket for that metak ,
markeem, you did what i said to do?? did the coolant overflow on the ground or just dissapear??? what temp did the gauge get up to?
It seems like its working good. It was disappearing (the coolant ) oonce it got hot and I put the cap on after bleeding the air. Thanks soup . Nice to know there are people that will help ya out!!

I got the colling fan relay, the heater hose gasket ( 10 miles and $1.69 later :evil: ) Sidenote: Fuck Dealerships!!!!! :guns: :guns: :evil: :evil: :moon: :moon:
also got another tb gasket. Gonna have some fun tommorow.
markeem, call me and let me know how everything turned out. I may have a project for you in the near future. Maybe in the next 2 weeks we can head up to that place by your house and see if i can pick me up a beater ;) I think im in the mood to have a little fun with the sunbird ;) Im thinking 2.8 bored out .30 over, new cam, plus a bunch of other things that im not gonna mention right now ;)
Cool so we both have little projects to do in the winter. Dont worry the souper car will be safe with me!!! :p My project doesnt seem to be as much fun as your project is though (repairs vs. performance mods). Lets switch!!! :p
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