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Crazy people in Flint? Shouldn't race?!?!?

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So here's my story if anyone wanted to read it. So a few months back when I was still cruising around in my old Beretta I was on my way to drop my buddy off at his house. We turned onto one of the local roads in Mt. Morris Township (Stanley Rd.) and started driving down that road to head into Genesee. By the time I pulled up to the intersection of Stanley and Dort Highway, there was an older guy driving a Ford Focus (I believe it was just the base model, somewhere between 2006-2009) and he was probably in his mid to late 20's I would have to say. He had his son in his car it looked like too, but that isn't irrelevant lol. Anyways, so we pull up to the light and I get into the right lane to go around him thinking he was either gonna take a left or accelerate slowly. So I give it a little gas to get up and go, and next thing I know, he's taking off and already a few lengths ahead of me. I smile and look at my buddy, thinking, "oh boy, let's show him what an older Chevy can do." Next thing I know, we are cruising down Stanley road, him going about 80 MPH and me right on his tail. We get up to the next light and he swerves over to the right a bit and then back to the left, me thinking he wants to continue racing of course. He grabs the road from the light and takes off again, getting past 60 MPH decently quick actually. This whole time my old beater Retta is holding right in there with him. We go further down the road and I try to get on the pedal and pass him but there's a car coming and no way did I have enough time to make the pass, so I creep in back behind him. This goes on for a bit, but I never made it past him unfortunately :( So we get the next light which is Genesee and Stanley, and this cuts off only allowing to take a right or left, so I smile and say to my buddy, "didn't beat him but he wasn't about to lose me either" or something like that anyways lol. When we get up to this light he swerves to the right, then back to the left, and then all the way over to the right. I think, what the hell is he doing? So once he's well over in the right lane, I pull up, cause I have to go left to go into town. I look over and he's looking down into his lap for something, and I think, "ok, whatever." So I turn and wait for the light to turn green to finish my trip to my buddies house. I looked over one more time after this to find out he was getting out of his car! :eek: He grabs my door handle, yanks my door open and leans over my friend, grabs my shirt and starts screaming at me, cussing up and down that he would kick my ass. I'm 18 lol, so he, I'm expecting would get in trouble for it. Anyways, what he did was totally illegal, but once again, I'm off topic haha. Turns out he wasn't racing?!?!? He thought I was being stupid in every way (which of course, racing is, but still fun) and wanted to kill me for it? He calls me a dumb shit and takes off right once the light turns green. I take a left and turn around to get his plate to report him to the police (for breaking and entering in my car, and assault to me and my friend) but he's long gone by then, assuming he just takes off all the time quickly with the car, and then expects people to "know" that that's just how he drives? Lol, yah friggin right. I'm 18 and stupid, and if your getting on that throttle on your car, your giving me a challenge to go against yah, whether I know I will lose or not (though many times I won't race if I know I'm gonna lose lol.) Btw, another reason I really didn't want to get his plate is because they would ask the reason he go into my car, and he would state we were racing or whatever, which of course, would also get me in trouble lol, but looking at what laws he broke, they probably would have let me up with just a warning in the end.
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We need a face palm emoticon
Lol, agreed man.
Either way, one of you could have been trying to get into the other lane and didn't let each other.
Yah but the whole time I was trying to either keep up with him or pass him. He just simply was racing it turns out...
racing should only be done at a sanctioned track.

street racing is illegal. Not to mention could turn very bad and possibly injure someone.

that guy was trying to get away from you, and you put his child at risk.
Yah, I agree with that now lol. One friggin crazy person is all it takes haha. No cops needed for this one nor any tickets required. Just one crazy older dude. From now I'm gonna stick to racing cousins and other family that like a little rush now and then.
dennyj1992 said:
Yah, I agree with that now lol. One friggin crazy person is all it takes haha. No cops needed for this one nor any tickets required. Just one crazy older dude. From now I'm gonna stick to racing <COLOR color="red">AT THE TRACK ONLY</COLOR>
fixed that for ya
Lol, nice man haha. I understand it's just yah looking out for me though, thanks. How much would a day with unlimited runs be at a local track anyways? Any estimates? Auto City Speedway is near here, actually, only about 10 miles away or so. I can do that lol.
You should really be careful what you post on a PUBLIC forum. Some time ago a kid was bragging on a bmw forum about speeding and got busted purely because of his forum post. This is an old story but alot of people should learn from it.

<LINK_TEXT text="http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article ... cence?bn=1">http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/845967--speeding-boast-online-costs-19-year-old-his-licence?bn=1</LINK_TEXT>
Yah I know, but what about all the other stories? No one gets busted then? There are so many racing stories on this site.
Still it's not smart. Especially when you post WHERE you raced or drove fast or whatever.
Lol, right.
i know a guy who got busted. he was street racing his civic against a bmw. down here in kalamazoo

guy was doing in excess of 90+ mph went to get on the brakes for a red light.

blew a brake line. right at that time my cousin was coming through the green light on his rocket when he was hit at 60+ mph and killed instantly. i was 4 bikes behind him on mine and watched him flung over 75ft.

the drive of the civic is now doing natural life in prison with no chance of parole.
Is that who that picture in your Facebook pro is labeled to? The black pic with the red lettering? Your cousin died from some other dumb asses street racing? Shit bro, sorry for the loss. :(
if that was me i would beat the shit out of u if i had my kids with me but thats just saying if you want to race not condoning it but rev your engine if he revs back then race dont do this you could really get into some shit you werent expecting
Yah for sure man, I was pretty damn scared. Id really wanna race on the street too often anymore lol. If I ever decide to though, yes, revs will come in at the light first, just to make sure we are racing.

After reading everything in this string, I think you missed the point entirely.
I will make it really clear so there are no misunderstandings...


It's not cool... it's stupid and it can kill someone. What are you going to say to some family after you hit and kill their loved one? "Sorry... but the other guy revved his engine"

point made... nuff said 'bout that...

Sooooo.... moving on to the good side of this conversation....

Go to the track where you can race to your hearts content. Check and see if the track near you has "Test and Tune" or "Run what you Brung" pay your fee and have at it. It's always a damn good time. 8)

Get your friends and family to go with you to the track so you can "prove it at the track" and earn some real braggin' rights. Then you can post your time slips here if you want. :wink:
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Well said, Kevin.
People like you is what gives us teenagers a bad name, and even if he wanted to race, You knew he had a kid in the car. You should have had the common sense to back of and let him just go on instead of trying to Race him.
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