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Digital dash repair.... $175.00

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Just sent my 89 digital dash in for repair to. http://www.speedometerrepairguy.com/ paid $175.00. Nothing worked besides the tach. Works great now.
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Good news :)

Not too bad a price, especially since good working ones are not easy to find to begin with. And with them you know they are likely to go out at any time, simply due to age.

Do they offer any warranty? What parts were replaced? Just curious, I don't have one.
That's a really good price, i have 4 or 5 of these things in my laundry room at home here that don't work, may try to send one off to them. Did you talk to them on the phone before hand to tell them your symptoms before sending it? Was that the price for any repair, or just the minimum price and goes up from there? Thanks, Roger.
I sent him the work order form that you send with the dash and he said it would be $175 if he can fix it. Not sure what he replaced cause all he said was, "it was pretty burnt up back there".
In this day and age that's a good price. You can't compare the cost of parts/repairs to the value of these vehicles, you have to put that out of your mind.
I just called over there today and now it's $275 with return shipping included.
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