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diza body kit f/s

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selling the hurricane kit for the cavaliers, i had it prepped primered and mounted but i changed my mind ( not a body work person) im more of an engine guy. Its about 3 weeks old and fits just abot perfect. Im asking 830 obo shipped.
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Ill give ya 600 and come get it...
sorry man cant go that low

i will also consider trades for nice 17's with good tires
would you sell jus the front bumper cover if so how much
600 and its yours you come pick it up or 500 plus shipping
How much for shipping to Falconer, NY 14733?
about 120, if your intertested pm me..
I will trade you my 17's for this kit man. they are in excellent shape. 1 rim has a scratch on it, but its not too bad, and the others are flawless. one of the tires was popped so you will need a new tire too let me know what we can work out.
how much for the rear and the skirts, and how much to ship to quebec
not parting out..sorry
how bout my offer?
hows it goin man! ive got some 16 inch 6 star (painted silver from factory which match perfecly with the z24 ground effects) eagle alloys with super low profile tires, one has a bubble in it but im willing to put a new tire on it. there is directional tread on the tires, very appealing pattern! just wanting to know if we could work out a trade, what i want for want for the look you need!! if you add me on you messenger(msn) ill give you a pick of them!! let the trading begin!! thanks, josh
its been sold.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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