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Do you need an alignment after re-doing your front brakes?

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I am getting new rotors and calipers and i have 16 in rims. I was reading on the how-to for 92+ brake conversion at the end it said you should get a wheel alignment. I was wondering if this is true and if so why would you need an alignment what happens if you dont.
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Because you will be changing the steering knuckles I would recommend an alignment afterwards.
If you are actually swapping to the '92+ brakes, then you will need an alignment, if you are just replacing your calpiers and rotors with stock replacement for your car, then you will not need an alignment.

The reason why the '92+ brake swap requires an alignment is as Ginobeats said you will be swapping the steering knuckles and will have the strut disconnected , and when you replace the knuckle it may be be the exact same dimentions or positioned exactly the same as the originals were.
I apreciate the feedback now i can tell my friend who was arguing with me we were both half right. I really apreciate that thanks guys
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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