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Done Deal

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I got me a new ride. What do ya think of it? I drove it today and it's a powerhouse. All power everything with T tops. 3.0 V6 with rear wheel drive. Needs minor work and is a 1 owner. 130,000 miles. Scored for the price of 500.00...........
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nice...for a beater :wink: ...u gonna sink money into it or drive as is?
I don't know yet. I'm gonna do some work on it and maybe quadrupel my money. It depends on how much I like driving it. ????????
It is a Nissan 300ZX. Thats 2 Z's I got now.....
Those are pretty sweet cars. I wouldn't mind gettin one. A friend of mine has a 240sx and it's a really nice car too.
I like it. Just got it today so I gotta give it the Z24 test and see if it matches up to #1...............
badass, good score.
girlracer said:
badass, good score.
Word :wink: .
dude ill give u my saturn for that thing. i alwayed wanted a 300z
not bad for $500you cold probably fi taht thing up real nice and make a reall good profit from it.
Tell me it's not a Turbo 300Z, if it is you got one helluva score.
damn, all these people getting good deals like that......... my uncle just bought a perfectly running, minor rust, RX-7 Turbo for $500. CDN...... wish i could find good deal like that somewhere :(
how the hell u get 500 bucks.... damn.....
aswome. sweet car...what's under the hood of those older Z's?
Those cars are sweet. I had a friend (Died in Iraq 2 months ago) had a 300Z was fuckin awsome. Those cars are fast as hell. Nice score man, have fun with her.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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