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Dose anyone have 18" rim's?

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just wondering what they look like on the car? If you have pic's please post. And what tire size do you have? Also are you lowered? I's juat I'm thinking of getting Motegi MR7's in gunmetal next spring and want 18's but wanna know if they would look cool on my 93 Cav? What do you think? or can someone photoshop it for me?
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18's is getting a little too big in the cavies....you might have problems with rubbing in the wheel wells, especially if you wanna lower your ride
Actually 18's fit just fine, there are people with 19's on here...
hey dude open your eyes....
watch the vid... those are 18
id keep 16-17 on a cavy... 18 too much roling mass for me
limpblink said:
Actually 18's fit just fine, there are people with 19's on here...
19's here
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damn, ill just crawl into my corner now :-?
yea there's probably about a dozen or so members with 18's on.
Like brinky said. If u want to see them in action just watch my vid.

I have had them for like 3 months now and no problems. No rubbing at all and they ride real nice.

cool Dose anyone have 18" motegi MR7's in gunmetal grey? Or any MR7's?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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